Your Wedding Matters: Make Sure All Weddings Matter

Yesterday on my RSS feed, I got this disturbing article from Elizabeth Oakes, The National Wedding Examiner from She wrote about the coercion of young girls into marriage around the world. You may or may not have heard about movement to lower the marital age again. Read her article and see why it’s not such a great idea either for the little girls or for you.

Marriage matters. The free willed acceptance of one responsible, loving partner by another is one of the most important choices and promises that individuals ever make and keep. It is sacred when and because the decision is made by responsible, loving partners. Same-sex marriages are sacred when the partners are responsible and loving. Heterosexual marriages are not sacred if one party has no say in her life, even if that marriage is made between a man and a woman(child).

For our marriages to be sacred, we must speak out against forced marriage. We must speak out against the enslavement of young girls. Every marriage should be as special as yours is. Every wedding should be as perfect.

Tip on the frog thing: My dears, if the frog doesn’t turn into a prince when you kiss him, don’t marry him. He’s not what you were looking for. This may be some of the best advice I’ve ever given!

Planning Your Marriage: Get the Paperwork Done

If you’re being married, you need to get the protection for your new family.

1. Legal marriage: Both of you need to go and get your license. You might consider having the JP do the paper work right then and there, because you have to show up at the courthouse. Years from now, it will be your wedding ceremony and reception that you remember, not who signed your license and why there’s a different date. Get your paperwork done so that you can get your health insurance benefits! Years later when your children ask, why is the date on your marriage license different from your wedding day, you can respond that the paperwork was done to protect your family unit, and the wedding was when you joined your hearts and started your marriage.

2. No access or inappropriate to have civil marriage? You still need to get the protection you can. See your lawyer. Get power of attorney and health documents. Write a will. Do what you need to do so that your family is protected.

Tip: Find out what the legal requirements are for marriage in your state. Get your paperwork out of the way. If you have no access or civil marriage is inappropriate, you still have work to do. All of you: do you need a prenup? This is not stuff you want to hammer out 5 minutes before you make your vows to one another. Get the paperwork done early.