Finish Up Before the Wedding

The last week before your wedding is best used for something other than chores.

Yes, actually, you can finish up early. You don’t need to be shopping for (fill-in-the-blanks) on Wednesday when you’re getting married on Saturday. Seems to be a little known secret that they sell stockings on weeks other than the one you’re getting married, and if you were planning on wearing hose, they won’t disintegrate if you get them early.

All this running around adds stress. And stress makes for distance between you and your sweetiebeloved. And you are getting married. Distance between you and your sweetiebeloved is not a helpful ingredient for your wedding day.

Tip: It’s important that you sleep right, eat right, and hang out with the wonderful friends who are arriving from around the globe to wish you well. If you’re absolutely hell-bent on your week of stress, go ahead and plan it a month before your wedding. Then you can use this time to hang out with your soon-to-be spouse.

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