Celebrate the Season: Decorate your Wedding Tables with Bulbs

I hear a lot of whining about the weather these days. And it’s true; winter can seem to go on a long time. But actually it’s the same length as other seasons. It serves an important purpose in the cycle of growth. And if you look around there is promise everywhere. And promise is what weddings are all about. And you don’t want to be so busy whining about the weather that you miss the fact that the light is changing dramatically in wonderful and hopeful ways!

So this is a perfect time to get married! (says the woman married on February 2!)

And what better way to celebrate that coming into being than decorating your table with small pots of flowers in differing stages of blooming. Pastel blooms peaking out of green leaves signify the promise to come. An occasional paperwhite burst into full scent foretells what’s to come. Is this sounding like marriage yet?

Tip: Bulbs are a beautiful (and dare I say it, cost effective) way of celebrating your wedding in this season of promise!

Now, doesnt this image say blooming marriage?

Now, doesn't this image say blooming marriage?

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