What’s going to make this holiday special?

What do you have planned that you’re absolutely excited about during the holiday? Is your sweetie excited about it too? No? Then I asked the wrong question!

What is going to happen this holiday that the two of you will enjoy. Nothing more than cuddling in your bed? Well, maybe your tradition is getting a new set of flannel sheets for your joint holiday present!

Do you really like cookies and milk (or fill in your favorite foodstuff!) then you might want to find yourself the perfect milk glasses and cookie plates. Plates that you only use for the holiday.

It takes neither a lot of money nor a huge amount of effort to plan something sweet that slows you down and lets you enjoy one another.

Tip: plan something simple but sweet as a way to be together. Already over scheduled? I’m sure there’s something you can fit in. Get up a half hour early and snuggle. Dozing in one another’s arms is great. But then pay careful attention,or (gasp) have a conversation about what it was that was fun over the holidays. Next year. Do more of that. That’s how holiday traditions get started. There’s something that’s about celebration that’s going to draw each of you in and not step on any holiday corns. Remember, the season says life is supposed to be quiet and sweet right now.

add your sweetie beloved and youve got a holiday tradition!

add your sweetie beloved and you've got a holiday tradition!

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