Maine: No Marriage for Everyone for the Moment

I guess we’ll have to take joy in the fact that we’ve come a long way. This vote was lost by only 13,000 voters. But it’s a bitter disappointment. This is about civil rights and love on the line. There are not too much of either in this world.

Are there ways you can make your wedding stand for the right of all people to marry? What are they? How can you help? What can we do to make marriage matter for everyone?

Steve and I made a very public decision not to pursue a legal marriage because so many people could not marry. I continue to struggle with whether I should sign marriage licenses. Difficult not to do, because it is my livelihood. I push my church to review whether it is a good idea for us to be in the legal business of weddings, rather than the spiritual one. After all, we’re not in the legal business of divorce.

I”d love to hear from you about this.

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