Spice up Your Autumn Wedding with Spices

Stretch your concept of wedding planning to include the sense of smell. Fact is, if you associate a certain scent with a memory, your mind will store that memory more clearly. The better and more frequently you remember your wedding, the more you will remember how you felt when you made your promises to your beloved. The more you are in touch with those feelings, the easier it is to stay married. You want to keep the good memories flowing because they oil the creaky joints when life gets difficult!

So, think about spices! Put them in your Bouquet. Grind them during your wedding ceremony (after telling people what they are and why you like them!), make sure that at least one dish includes those fabulous tastes.

Tip: Plan your wedding with your marriage in mind. Keep adding the little things that will make your wedding memorable (in a good way!)

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