Outdoor Autumn Wedding? Be Prepared

Fall is a wonderful time for a wedding but it can be chilly. Wedding and bridesmaids dresses are rarely built for the cold. Here’s a piece of tull to slip on darling isn’t exactly going to help ward off the weather.

And if you’re nervous, you’re often colder.

Answer? Shawls. Pashminas, fake fur, fleece, wool jersey. cuddle up. you’ll be so glad you did!

Tip: Get an extra length of your wedding dress material, find some warm and lovely lining and have a dressmaker sew a shawl. it can be a simple rectangle, but oh, so warm.

One thought on “Outdoor Autumn Wedding? Be Prepared

  1. That’s a lovely idea. I was wondering, Ms. Wedding Priestess, do you have any experience of having pets, specifically dogs, in weddings?

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