It’s a Dog’s Wedding: Part Two

MsMuttons2Yesterday, thanks to some prodding to my beloved great-step-niece by marriage, I discussed a common canine responsibility at weddings: ring bearer. Here’s another one: Escort.

At more than one wedding the Chief Dog Friend has waltzed her Person down the aisle. In some ways, this clarifies what’s really true about weddings. Historically, brides were chattel and “given away” by the patriarch to the new head of her family. That’s a bit passé. But a Dog accompanies one of her Persons to the new life with another of her Persons. The Dog goes along. This is a good metaphor for what happens with families. Each Person becomes a member of the other Person’s family.  (The Dog, while fiercely loyal to her Persons, is a member of the world family simply by nature and wagging.)

Tip: Demand a new and beautiful leash for this. Only you get to decide if it’s a good thing if that leash is covered in flowers or simply a lovely length of appropriate colored cord. Dogs know when they look silly and when they look gorgeous. Most Dogs will eat their way out of silly. And that’s a good thing!

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