It’s a Dog’s Wedding: Part Four

This particular article was coming anyway, but was made slightly more urgent by Miss Mutton’s joyful consumption of the chicken breasts on her auntie’s (no her other aunt) counter.

MsMuttons2Miss Muttons and her compatriots are joyful ominvores. (One of Muttons’ mottos is “I never met a doughnut I wouldn’t eat.”) So at wedding receptions, should your dog pals be attending, you have to be careful how much food they get to eat and particularly how much sweet food they’re given or they find. Dogs can’t process sugar. So they’ll suffer if allowed unfetttered access to wedding cake. (miss muttons reports to her sorrow that wooden barricades around cakes works to prevent dogs from eating entire confections.)

Tip: It’s great to want your dog at your wedding. You just need to remember that you’re going to be expending a lot of energy and focus on getting married, so someone needs to be looking out for your BFF. She wants to be healthy after the wedding!

One thought on “It’s a Dog’s Wedding: Part Four

  1. Dear Wedding Priestess,

    You have spoken very elegantly thus far, but I must say, a happy dog is a very very well fed dog. I can’t express the joy I felt as I was gulping down the four chicken breasts given to me by the kitchen counter. As a compromise, perhaps you should suggest to your readers to have a wedding cake made of chicken.

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