It’s a Dog’s Wedding: Part Five – Their Ears

I don’t know whether you’ve noticed, but lots of us who go to weddings have. Weddings are getting louder and louder. I don’t always stay for receptions, but if I do, I come home hoarse and deafened. I wish the DJs and bands would pay a bit of attention.

So, bringing your dog to your wedding reception is not necessarily an act of kindness. And if you have people who have companion dogs you want to figure out how to make the experience pleasant for them. Part of what you’re doing at a your wedding is providing for each guest’s experience. In a pup’s case (and in the case of grateful fellow attendees) that may mean turning down the PA.

Tip: Really consider if it’s important to have your dog with you at your wedding, whether you want them at the ceremony only where it’s all about your hearts. You may want to go ahead and have your fun without your furry companion. (Sorry Ms. Muttons, I know the grazing at receptions is pretty fabulous!)

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