The Importance of Dating while Wedding Planning

I’m not sure how it happens. But I hear from too many couples that it does. One moment you’re thrilled, holding hands and marrying the love of your life. The next moment you’re both embroiled in wedding planning and there’s no time to be lost cooing sweet nothings in one another’s ear.

Nonsense! You need to make time during the big rush to the big day to carve outout time for yourselves. You need to take walks, go to dinners, grab a drink, take a bike ride, go for a picnic and NOT talk about the wedding. You might not even want to talk about your marriage, which The Wedding Priestess is always bugging you to do. You might just want to have a good time.

Tip: Marriage is not a project, it’s an adventure. There’s plenty of hard work, to be sure, but there’s lots of wonderful things to experience. Make sure you make time to build fun and wonderful memories. Wedding Planning should not be that stretch in your life where you did nothing but make decisions about colors and tulle vs chiffon. It should be about building your love!

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