Health Issues with Divorce Linger

In addition to the article cited yesterday on divorce there was a 2nd article (and don’t think that the WP can find it!) that said that even after remarriage, health issues can linger. Bottom line, divorce interrupts our caring for ourselves. We get sad, angry, even depressed. We don’t eat well. We don’t always exercise.

gold-broken-wedding-rings-thumb5601076If there are children involved, they demand a great deal of our time because there has been so much disruption in our lives. Frequently, although, no, not always, the ex-wives wind up with increased money stresses and less time on their hands. (Yes, I understand that divorce is financially and emotionally stressful to men as well. But divorce is a downwardly mobile move for most women and children, and not necessarily for men.)

There are certainly reasons to get divorced. But there are also ways to support your marriage. I can not say enough about counseling. Do it early, do it often, do it until it makes a difference. Your health and your family’s depends upon it.

Tip: Create a wedding ceremony that reminds you why you love your partner and why you are making the right choices to be married. Craft wedding vows that will serve as the blueprint for your working marriage. Consider using my book, Promises to Keep: Crafting Your Wedding Ceremony to help you design a wedding that says what you need it to say.

Work on your marriage now, don’t wait until you’ve had a marriage disaster to start the work. But if you have a marriage disaster, get support. It’s your life, you deserve it!

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