Fabulous: And Did They Work This Hard on Their Wedding Vows?

Along with everyone else, I loved this video. 12 million people or so have loved it on YouTube. It says a lot about who this couple is and what a good time they have together.

So does it make Wedding Priestess a bad sport when the first thing she thought was “what were their wedding vows like?” Did they work as hard on the vows that will make and keep them married as they did on their entrance? I hope so. ‘Cause you have to admit they’re a fun couple! They deserve to create a marriage that works!

JK Wedding Entrance

(OK, it does make me a technical idjit that I can’t figure out how to put a video in, doesn’t it… I’ll try and get help. Until then, if you’re one of the ten people in the world who hasn’t seen this video, click on the link and go watch! Enjoy it, it’s fun!)

Tip: Want to spend the rest of your life making great entrances? Get to work on the wedding vows. They’re the blueprint for the rest of your life. Find support here. It’s worth dancing through the pages of the Wedding Vow Workbook. I’ll live in hope that you’ll write spectacular vows and get yourself on the Today Show!

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