Divorce is not good for you

Yesterday MSNBC ran not one but two articles about the impact of divorce on your health. This one, by Barbara Kantrowitz and Pat Wingert examines a study by University of Chicago sociologist Linda Waite in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior on the impact of divorce on your health.

Bottom line? Divorce is bad for your health. People whose marriages are interrupted by divorce or death are 20 percent more likely to suffer chronic life-threatening diseases such as heart problems, diabetes and cancer. It postulates that people do better when they repair their marriages. Suddenly the efforts and willingness of Jenny Sanford to pull things back together look like a smart choice for her as well as her family.

Among other things, in the trauma of death and divorce, we let our attention wander from our health. Those wanderings make a difference that even getting back on track doesn’t always impact.

This argues, and powerfully, for yet another reason to make your marriage work. In some circles there are questions being asked as to whether there isn’t a benefit to states health efforts to include marriage classes as health prevention.

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