Cruising on the River on a Sunday Afternoon

OK, we didn’t cruise, we weren’t there on Sunday and most of you probably don’t know that old familiar tune anyway. But SweetPea and I dashed off for some decompression this weekend. We stayed at the Bridgeton House in Upper Black Eddy, PA. It was fabulous. Looking to relax? Here’s your spot. It’s easy to rent kayaks and tubes and simply float on the river. It’s also easy to sit on your back porch and simply gaze at the life that floats by. (It’s a fabulous place for breakfast and they offer a tea in the late afternoon as well. yum. Gets you ready for dinner at the Oyster House across the river in New Jersey!)


Tip: There literature says that this was the perfect place to become engaged. I can imagine. It was also a fairly lovely place to remember how much we love one another in a slow and lazy way. Bridgeton House may not be your style or your geographic region… but there’s a special place near you where two days feels like a whole holiday! Go find it. You’ll be glad you did!

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