10 Steps to Building Your Perfect Wedding Ceremony: #3c Family Bonding

That ancient question, “who gives the bride to be married?” is a hangover from the marriage ceremony’s life as a financial contract. What it’s really asking is “Who owns the property.”

Nice, eh?

So, you probably don’t want to ask that question.

However, you do want your parents to be able to answer a question. Buy in helps. Get both sets of parents buying in! You’re going to need their support, so get it early

  1. Ask a question that allows your parents to announce both their love for you and their willingness and pleasure in welcoming your partner in to their fold.
  2. Ask a question that invites your parents to form a clan around you.

Tip: Families are not separated by marriage, they are built by marriage. Mix up the clans and have a much richer life!

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