10 Steps to Building the Perfect Wedding Ceremony: #4a Intentions

Wedding ceremonies do many important things. But one thing that many miss is having the couple speak in their own language.

I’m a ritual queen. I love it when we use formulaic statements that tie our words to the words and worlds of those who went before. It adds weight to what we do.

But I’m also aware that such an experience is deepened when the participants (that would be sweetpea one and two!) speak in their own voices. It jars the listeners a bit and allows them to enter even more deeply into the ceremony. The informality allows the couple’s voices to be heard. That lodges in a different place, not necessarily sweeter, just different place from the formal pronouncements made by celebrant and couple.

Tell your community (in one sentence):

  • What do you intend with this marriage? (Hint: to live happily and healthily ever after with your beloved.

They’ll be charmed. You’ll be glad you said what you wanted for the world to hear because the words will resonate with you forever.

Tip: The Statement of Intent is an under-utilized and very important part of the ceremony. Find the words to tell the world that you intend to be married forever. That’s the only way your community can support you. It will also help you focus on your dream.

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