10 Steps to Building the Perfect Wedding Ceremony: #4c Love, Love, Love

Wedding ceremonies are full of priestly exhortations (don’t you love that phrase? That’s how I like to think of my work!) to love one another. Often the “or else” is included! But it’s very rare to have the couple turn to each other in the ceremony, and say, in a simple and straightforward way, “I love you.”

You know what. You should do that. You should say “I love you and I intend to love you for the rest of my life.” You should hear those words from your beloved said aloud in front of your community. You should offer those words to your beloved in your own voice, not in a formula. Your community should understand how those simple and profound words are the truth of why we have all gathered.

Tip: Your offering of love should be sweet and straightforward. After all, that’s what love is at it’s best. This is a Statement of Intent worth living into. Why not offer one another your best during your wedding ceremony? And then deliver during your marriage!

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