10 Steps to Building a Perfect Wedding Ceremony: #4 The Statement of Intent

If there is a Statement of Intent (SOI) in most wedding ceremonies, it is a pledge by the couple to the religious institution to abide by their tenents.

Many of you, however, are not being married in churches. So should there be a SOI?

Absolutely. And even in religious ceremonies, those intentions should be augmented. The only way to live into your dreams is to establish them as real.

  1. What do you intend with this marriage? (Hint: to live happily and healthily ever after with your beloved.
  2. What is it about your partner that makes this not only possible but realistic for each of you?
  3. Do you love this person? (This is something you would do well to volunteer in your wedding ceremony in your own voice.

Tip: Declaring in your own voice that you intend to live in lifelong marriage with your beloved creates a mission statement that you can live into for the rest of your lives!

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