What if Governor Sanford had had the Wedding Vow Workbook?

Strong wedding vows make strong and lasting marriages. Crafting your own vows engages you in the creation and sustaining of wedding vows that you’re willing and able to keep. Today, Governor Sanford can say that he was sexually unfaithful to his wife… how many different parts of his wedding covenants did he break before sex entered into the picture?

Wedding vows have to be crafted to suit your talents and support your weaknesses. They also need to be a working document to which your committed. Marriage is a process not an occasion.

Big sale today on the Wedding Vow Workbook that helps you learn:

What’s in a vow.
Why you want to make an oath to one another.
How your keeping your vows is integral to your integrity.
What your relationship values are.
What you’re willing to risk, compromise and promise.
How important your respect and love is for your partner.
Where you think your relationship might need support.
How to find the metaphors that will support your vows.
Why you want to use formal language to make your vows.
Why you should make the same vows to one another.
How to create the vows you’ll want to keep, together.

Tip: This simple workbook can help you create the vows that you will want to keep forever. Not a bad investment of your time and money, eh?

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