Should Women Marry Money: The Marriage

Back with the Newsweek article discussing why women want to consider bottom line in making marriage choices:

The principal argument that Ford and Drake make in Smart Girls Marry Money has to do with the fact that women’s salaries have not yet caught up to men’s. And that should influence our marriage choices, we ask incredulously?

Well, if you’re planning to have children, “yes,” they say. “We gals just haven’t come far enough or fast enough,” they say. “We know it’s important to take the long view of things, but as we’ve heard said, in the long view, we’ll all be dead.”

Tip: Well, planning for your future is important. And certainly any bride who’s able to pull off the wedding you’re looking at is capable of planning. But if you’re not going to marry rich, you might to at least want to consider, planning your finances. Go check out Dr. Taffy who helps couples clear up their money issues before they marry (now there’s a concept!). She’s here to help you plan for your marriage with the guy you’re already in love with. (You still might want to read Drake and Ford’s book, however, I think it will make you think about the way you make choices.)

One thought on “Should Women Marry Money: The Marriage

  1. Couples SHOULD talk about money before walking down the aisle. Money needs to be talked about throughout the marriage. However, do not choose your mate because he makes x amount of dollars.

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