Should Women Marry Money: The Planning

The Wedding Priestess has been walking around mulling this over in her head.  The only reason Smart Girls Marry Money by Ford and Drake is interesting is that we’re looking at an institution gone wrong. Most of us would hesitate before an operation with only a 50 percent survival rate, particularly if our chances of muddling through without it were so-so as well.

But we often don’t think before we marry about how we’re going to make this relationship work. Hey, I’m a geezer babe, supposedly full of wisdom, and I never thought about this. Steve’s and my marriage is odder than most in the way we have arranged our money and our marriage.

But money matters. We’re finding that out as everyone hits the recession. You have to plan wisely for your family. Even wise planning doesn’t always help, but planning helps better than no planning. How are the two of you going to provide for your family? And by family, read that not only as your darling babes and their college educations, but also as your retirement. Money is one of those things that breaks marriages up, and guess what, when you break up a marriage,  money doesn’t get easier and the fighting doesn’t stop. Particularly if there are children. So, not so helpful.

Tip: This is one of those things that you can talk about. This is one of those things you should talk about. Plan for your future. Because whether or not you do, it’s coming. Sometimes it’s better to plan.

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