Should Women Marry Money: The Divorce

The Newsweek article about Ford and Drake’s Book: Smart Women Marry Money details more of their thinking: ‘Then there’s divorce. Ford and Drake say that since women suffer economically much more than men when they get divorced, snagging a good provider is ultimately critical to an equitable settlement. And if current statistics hold, half of new couples are likely to eventually split up. Given that depressing reality, Ford and Drake say that a husband’s earning power is a more important indicator of a woman’s future happiness than his cute smile. “If the marriage crashes,” they write, “it’s the women who are exposed to an extremely high risk of poverty.” They urge their readers to look for a Mr. Right “who just happens to be Mr. Rich.”‘

Their statistics are correct. Their thinking, practical. Their conclusions, depressing.

What are you doing to make sure that your marriage is on the right side of the divorce split? What financial management skills are you developing? What are your plans for developing financial security for your new family? What communication skills are you honing? How do the wedding vows you’re crafting reflect both your determination to succeed but also your blueprint for a successful marriage?

Tip: You can marry whomever you want. You can have a successful marriage. It does take more than a wish and a prayer, however. Start building a successful marriage as you start planning your wedding. You’ll be very glad you did.

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