A fun new look at inviting your guests to your wedding

I’m following Lilia Ahner on Facebook and Twitter. She’s one of my beloved brides, who is now a fabulous wedding wedding photographer in San Francisco (along with her great husband, Ray!).

a great wedding photographer!Here’s the beauty herself!

She mentioned this great and funny invitation on FB. What’s fun about this invite is that it actually talks about the couple. It’s always a balance. The big cream envelopes are luscious. But the story! The story captures your heart and reels you in. Everyone would want to go and see this couple finally march down the aisle. Everyone would invest (as indeed they have over the years!) in the success of this relationship.

I can’t tell you how easy it would be to design a great wedding ceremony based on this invitation.

Tip: Tell them who you are!  And then invite the ones you love to support your wedding vows! Then live happily and healthily ever after.

One thought on “A fun new look at inviting your guests to your wedding

  1. Hi Ann, thanks for the shout out! It’s so nice to connect with you again, nearly 8 years after you performed our wedding. We go to lots of weddings, and we still think you did the best ceremony ever!

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