10 Steps to Your Perfect Wedding Ceremony: #2a History

What is marriage? Why have you decided to commit your lives to one another in this way? In the Invocation the first thing you want to talk about is

History: You are not the first people to stand hand and hand with your beloved before your community. This is not the first community to gather to witness. Your wedding is one in the long tail of history. As you stand today, so shall others stand tomorrow.

There is amazing strength in history’s sweep. Even if your marriage does not look just like everyone else’s (hint: no one marriage looks like everyone else’s)., you want to tap into the power of history.

If you believe in marriage equality, this is a good place to state that belief: saying that you believe in the importance of the free access to legal marriage for all people.

Tip: Proudly claim your place as people seeking your community’s support as you declare your promises to live together in love.

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