10 Steps to Building Your Perfect Wedding Ceremony: #3a Ancestors

You’ve already honored the brides and grooms who came before as part of your Invocation. But now you want to honor the people, no longer with us, who had important roles in your development. As people marry later in life, fewer grandparents and great aunts and uncles, are able to be present at wedding ceremonies.

But beloved grandparents and other elders have often played pivotal roles in our lives. They should be remembered, either in a group or by name, as part of the Joining of Families. Honoring the ancestors allows you to establish

  1. that you believe family is important.
  2. that you have learned important lessons from those gone on before.

Tip: Take a quick moment in the ceremony to honor the memory and perhaps mention the names of those who have gone on before. Some of you will be comfortable accepting their presence among you as you make your vows to your beloved.

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