10 Steps to Building Your Perfect Wedding Ceremony: #3 Family invitation

Your family is the basis for so much of your ability to be in relationship. Either you learned their lessons, or you learned that there were ways you didn’t want to be in relationship. But for good or ill, they taught us a lot.

Your wedding ceremony is a great opportunity to help your community understand how your family helped you grow. Use the section on family (in traditional ceremonies the “who presents this bride? question) to thank your family and establish the notion of your separate family.

  1. remember your ancestors and those no longer with us.
  2. thank your families for their support.
  3. invite them into closer communion with the two of you and with one another.
  4. if there are children, dedicate yourselves to supporting them and making family with them.

Tip: Establishing yourself as a new family and locating yourselves within your existing families are important parts of your wedding ceremony and your marital future!

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