Prop 8 Decision to Come Tomorrow

Dear Readers,

It looks as if California’s Supreme Court will hand down its rulings on Prop 8 which denies same sex marriage by tomorrow.

So today, while two sides wait in trepidation, let me speak to those who don’t believe this is a big deal.

Marriage is a big deal. There are not ever going to be too many loving, committed relationships. The right to marry is a big deal. Public marriage engenders support from the community. As a celebrant, I have seen parental and community support change as they witness their children’s weddings. “Oh,” they say, “they want to get married because they love one another.”

Another way to have your cake!

In Massachusetts, they’ve found that gays, who have the right to marry there, are divorcing as frequently as straights. On the other hand, Massachusetts has one of the lowest divorce rates in the country. The highest divorce rates in the country are in states where there is the biggest resistance to equal marriage rights.

  • I believe in equality of marriage rights.
  • I believe it will make marriage stronger as it emphasizes the importance of marriage and the protection of families.
  • I believe it is in the best interest of everyone to work for equal rights and equal rites.

I would like to see people who are concerned about marriage working on helping people stay married. Smacking our foreheads and saying it’s a dirty rotten shame has not been helpful. Smacking the divorcing and telling them they’re dirty and rotten has not been helpful. Here are the facts. People save more money and are more stable in marriage. Children are more secure and do better in life when raised in stable two parent families. Wanna work on something? Work on that!

Tip: Stand up for loving relationship. Stand up for stable communities. Stand up for marriage. Everyone’s and your own. Support Equal Marriage Rights.

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