Ten of 1-10: the Work of Wedding Vows

It’s frustrating that with our emphasis on the importance of the wedding, we fail to understand that marriages are made day by day. Sure, in your wedding ceremony you announce your vows. But really, these are promises you’ve been working out over the span of your relationship. They will continue to transform and become more clear and more useful along with the relationship.

But something else is true about vows:

Promises are something you make and keep every day. Your wedding day is simply the start of your promise-making. Everyday is the day you agree to the importance of these vows. Every day is the day you decide to make your marriage happy and healthy.

Tip: If you understand that your promises are a work in progress, that every day when you roll over in bed to greet your beloved, that you are recommiting to marriage, your marriage will be richer. Every day you have the opportunity to do what is right for you, right for your partner and right for your partnership. It’s up to you: are you going to guard your promises and work hard at loving, honoring, cherishing and respecting. I hope so. No reason not to make your marriage a work of art and love.

One thought on “Ten of 1-10: the Work of Wedding Vows

  1. Ann:

    I love how you keep your articles short and to the point. Something for me to practice.

    ‘Promises are a work in progress’ yes, good. Sometimes I think I have made it sound like they will never change. Experience will color, beautify, and demand change!


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