Metaphors: What they can do for Wedding Ceremonies and Marriages

Metaphors are those word pictures that allow us to “get it” very quickly.

If you say that your life together is like a pot of fragrant and delicious stew constantly cooking on the stove, constantly changing and transforming, you get a pretty good idea what is important. You are saying that marriage simmers, nurtures, and delights. You are offering a metaphor that will surface time and time again (if you cook). Because every time one of you makes a pot of stew, or even better when you learn to make it together, being respectful of one another’s tendencies with the spices, you will be reminded of your wedding day and the promises you made and the dreams you had for your married life. All that from a stewpot.

Tip: At your wedding ceremony you have the opportunity to create small ritual activities, ones that make sense in your life now and that you will want to carry on for the rest of your life. Repeating an action that occurred in a ritual moment will call back all of the emotions of that moment.

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