Why Have a Public Wedding Ceremony?

The goal of a wedding ceremony is to produce a lifelong marriage. Your wedding ceremony can establish the work you will do throughout your shared lives as you create your successful union. If designed right, a public ceremony can help you muster the support and encouragement you want to make your marriage easier. Use the right metaphors, ask the right questions and make the right promises to make your ceremony an eternal reminder of the love that brought you together and convinced you to embark on this fabulous, uncertain endeavor.

Eloping may seem simpler. But it can rob you of both sentiment and support that is so helpful when obstacles arise. Keeping the focus on the reason you’re marrying – your great romance – will help you simplify your planning and celebrate what’s important with the people who matter in your life.

Tip: Stay tuned for the seven excellent reasons a public wedding ceremony will make your marriage thrive (and your ceremony much more interesting!)

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