Make your word and your values the basis for your wedding vows

It’s easy to to grab vows from somewhere else, change the names, and check that task off your list. Don’t do this! Honor your relationship by giving it the attention and support it deserves.

What you say in your vows really does make a difference. Working on them together

  • exposes the strengths of your relationship and the areas you might need some support.
  • keeps you remembering why you love your beloved and why you’re embarking, with all intentions of succeeding,

Marriage is an endeavor with only a 50 percent success rate. Why not stack the odds in your favor. If you’ve done your homework right, 20 years from now you’ll know what you said at your wedding ceremony and you’ll still be actively keeping those vows.

Tip: Start now and look at your strengths and weaknesses, your reasons for loving your beloved and the steps you are willing to take to keep this marriage thriving at the center of your life.

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