Keep the focus of the Wedding on the Relationship

Wedding Priestess doesn’t care what anyone says. Weddings are about marriages and not about brides. The star of the wedding ceremony and the reception is the loving relationship, not the wedding décor or the bride’s dress. You want to look fabulous and feel fabulous, but you have hard work to do that day. You’re saying yes to sharing your life with this perfect partner.

If you keep your focus on the relationship as the source of the wedding (rather than vice versa!), your wedding ceremony will be deeply personal and meaningful and your celebration will flow easily and naturally from your community’s excitement for you.

This can eliminate a lot of nasty problems

  1. bridezilla and groomzilla – if you’re celebrating your relationship and looking forward to making your marriage makes, you don’t hear as much about the wail: “it’s all about me.”
  2. bizarre bridesmaid behavior – it’s not about them either.
  3. fabulous parties that mean nothing – keeping the focus where it belongs keeps people celebrating what is true and wonderful: your love.

Tip: As you plan your wedding keep your focus on your very sweet relationship and your dreams for a successful marriage. The wedding ceremony will be meaningful, the wedding reception joyous, and the marriage successful. Keep it Simple, Sweetheart! (yeah, and lots of kisses!)

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