Don’t wait until the last moment to write your wedding vows!

I know you’re busy. And there’s nothing in the wedding planning books or on the sites that say you need to start working on your wedding ceremony 6 months out and your wedding vows at about three. Traditional planners keep you busily moving toward a really wonderful reception.

But your wedding vows really are more important than wedding favors. And it takes time to build great ones that reflect your relationship and your commitment.

  • Work with your celebrant or work alone.
  • Work on this consistently over the wedding planning period.
  • Have them done and in the bag at least a month ahead of time.
  • Tape them up on your bathroom mirror and keep remembering what lies at the heart of the wedding marathon.

Tip: Last minute vows wind up either being copied from the Hallmark card above or resentful mutterings of “I love you, ok? No, not ok. Do the work ahead of time. This isn’t about the wedding; this is about the marriage. The fun thing is that good wedding vows will ALSO make for a better wedding reception, because people will be moved by your honesty and joyous for your plans. So, any way you slice it, you work on your wedding vows, you win!

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