Developing Mental Intimacy

Because we’re different people, we think differently from our partners. And this can be difficult as we begin to figure out how we work together to figure things out and plan for our future. And quite frankly as we figure out what we’ll talk about at the dinner table and over the news at night.

Being successful in marriage means navigating and negotiating the way you think together. The marriage you want to have is one in which you respect and look for your partner’s point of view. Nothing is more fun to watch than a marriage where a couple will turn to one another, curiously, to ask, what do you think about that? as if they can’t wait to find out!

Your partner doesn’t need to be the only person you think with, but you want to be able to think with him or her. It’s worth doing the work to get to where you think easily together.

Tip: How can you make things better and understand what’s going on in your partner’s mind? Take a look at one or a couple of the tests that point out how we process information (Myers Briggs is a good one). Please Understand Me, which is based on the MBI is really great about helping you find out not only how your partner thinks but where your thinking will best intersect. Take those conversations from stilted to flowing! Share your creative processes!

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