A great wedding toast: Part One – Preparation

Wedding Priestess offers you her sincerest congratulations! You’re a good enough friend of the bride and/or groom that you’ve been invited to make a toast. There’s nothing sweeter than to be able to tell a friend publicly how much you love and admire them. We don’t do this often enough, publicly or privately. This is a big deal. So let me make it all easier for you: Here’s a quick 3-part series that will make it all flow easily for you: Before you start building the toast, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • It should be short. No, really short.
  • It should be complimentary. No “funny” horror stories.
  • It should thank them for the honor of representing their community and being their friend.
  • It should be about the bride and groom and not about you. Talk about why they’re good candidates for this wonderful relationship and right for each other.
  • It always ends with a toast to their future. Wish them the best life possible. (and they say you should always toast with alcohol!)

Tip: Offering your friends respect, encouragement and well-wishes is an art form we would all do well to cultivate. Let’s not let it die! Let’s figure it out and knock the ball out of the park. You do look so much cuter when you’re delivering a heartfelt message, so why not do something wonderful and have it reflect well on you – forever!

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