Wedding Song: What to do with it!

There are so many places to use your wedding song to enhance your wedding day once you’ve chosen the perfect songs. What you’ll need is a/some musician(s) with some versatility. (Or if you’re using a dj, you might want a song that was done by several different artists so that you have some options for what feel you want when.) Otherwise, you’ll want to have the song reset for each of these:

At your wedding ceremony:  Walk down the aisle to your song. Or listen to it while you light a unity candle or exchange rings. Ask your celebrant to talk about why this song makes sense in your life. You can have someone sing it or have it played as an instrumental. Read the words as poetry. Use it to enhance the wedding ceremony and your wedding vows. Start your community connecting the song with your choice to share your lives.

At the cocktail hour: Have the song played as you’re introduced. Chose a different setting of the song, maybe jazzy or soft. Don’t talk about it here; let the reinforcement be subliminal.

Later, at the reception: Dance to your song as your first dance. It’s time for the full on version. All the words; all the flare: everything that will make your dance a magical moment.

Tip: Find your song, use it every time you can at your wedding. Then keep playing it. Every time you hear it it will take you back to everything it meant to be marrying your beloved.

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