Wedding Planning and Problem Solving

Planning a Wedding? Want to minimize the relationship stress? Why not use the wedding planning process to learn to solve problems and problem solving to plan your wedding. Oh, and do your marriage a great big ol’ favor as well!

Maybe weddings got so complicated so that couples could take their relationship out for a test drive before making that final commitment. Because your wedding planning offers you

  • innumerable opportunities to be your own worst self.
  • very little encouragement to be your own best self.
  • a whole lot of tasks to be accomplished by your two worst selves, and eww!

Tip: Remember, you’re doing marriage planning at the same time as you’re doing wedding planning. Spend a fair amount of time thinking about your marriage and what you want from it. Think about the relationship you have and what the principal values are. (You have to look at both what you would like them to be and what you’re living!) Then let’s keep working on ways to move forward into the wedding of your dreams and the marriage of a lifetime!

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