Start the Wedding Planning

OK! You’re engaged. Yippee! You may want to just sit back and enjoy that for a while. Go out to eat, hold hands, gaze into one another’s eyes. This is a magical time. And you don’t want to miss it because there’s another task to be done.

But sooner or later, you’ll be ready to start planning! Wedding Priestess called Jen Thomas of Bud to Blossom Events in Philadelphia. To get us started, the first questions I asked were the first questions we all ask. “Jen, how do we get started? What do we need to do first?”

Jen’s very practical response included two clear cut assignments (how did you know she was going to say this?):

  • Set a budget! A budget is going to help you determine where to look. It can cost $200 a person at a big venue. Your budget is going to help you figure out what makes sense – and Wedding Priestess certainly hopes you’re going to be sensible about your budget!
  • Get a guestimate of guests! venues are number specific, can’t have 400 in an intimate inn! This means you need to think a little about what kind of wedding you want to have or how many relatives you want to invite! The most romantic venue in the world can be all wrong for you if the two of you are longing for a large family wedding.

Before you get final answers to these questions, you need to be clear who’s going to be setting the budget. Are you paying for your wedding? Are your parents helping or perhaps paying for everything? If your parents are paying, who’s making the decisions about the venue, size, etc? Remember, the greater percentage you spend, the more the decisions are yours to make.

Tip: It’s all about making choices. If you’re not a great decision maker, or you want some help figuring out what the options are, a wedding consultant is going to be wonderful support. Remember, most wedding consultants work on both an hourly or a project basis, so there are lots of ways you can get help!

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