On the Twelfth (and Last) Day of Christmas!

On the twelfth Day of Christmas, My True Love gave to me
Twelve acts of peace
Eleven paths to friendship
Ten ways you love me
Nine hours of sleeping
Eight gifts of bounty
Seven days a-helping
Six stolen kisses
Five looks of Love
Four calling friends
Three snow strolls
Two nestling hearts
And a day free of expectations.

This is a Wedding Priestess Prejudice. Peace needs to be a value in your relationship. You need to live in peace with one another. You need to find a way to make peace with your differences and your (dare I say it?) eccentricities. The great thing about being a whole person is that you’re odd and individual. When you enter into relationship, you take all your oddities and all your individuality and rub it up against your partner’s. And that’s great. But you need to do that with respect and hope and plans for working things out.

And then you need to take that out into the world. Because whatever you believe about how you deal with what’s happened, it’s important to know that respect and hope will change things going forward. How you meet the world is often how you will be met. And a peaceful world is what you want to give your family.

Tip: Today marks the end (no really? Well, ok, it’s Three Kings Day tomorrow and in Sweden, you take advantage of Epiphany to dance the Christmas tree out of the house!) of the holiday season. Nothing big coming until groundhog day! Thank you for spending the season with me. Thank you for looking creatively at how to spend your holidays in a way that will enhance your wedding planning, your wedding and, most importantly, your happily, healthily ever-after marriage.

Now, go practice!

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