On the Tenth Day of Christmas

On the tenth Day of Christmas, My Sweetpea gave to me
Ten ways you love me
Nine hours of sleeping
Eight gifts of bounty
Seven days a-helping
Six stolen kisses
Five looks of Love
Four calling friends
Three snow strolls
Two nestling hearts
And a day free of expectations.

What’s just as amazing as the love you have for your partner is the love he or she has for you. Tonight, I want you to sit down together. Light your advent candles if you still have them, or just light some candles! Bring 10 sheets of paper, or ten note cards apiece. Cuddle for a bit.

Then sit and list ten things about your that your partner loves and the ways he or she shows that love. Then read them aloud. Having trouble getting started? Write two. Read them aloud. Write 3 more. Read all five aloud. Write another 2. Read all seven. Another 2. Read nine. And then your last one. Read all ten. Each time you read, you reinforce the ways you are loved.

(if you really want to up the pleasure, before you start, write on a piece of paper ten ways you love your partner. Don’t read these until after you’ve done your own assessments. It’s a thing of beauty to hear how well you are loved!)

Carry these cards with you. If you’re having trouble during the wedding planning process. Stop and read them again. The more you know about how you are loved, the less easy it is to push it away. If it’s too hard to think of things, or it’s too hard to accept, then you may need to work through this. (If you really can’t think of ten ways your partner loves you and your partner can’t come up with ten ways, you may want to consider why you’re planning a wedding!) It is a blessing to have someone love you. Honor that gift by taking it seriously and cherishing your lover for his or her gifts of love.

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