On the Eighth Day of Christmas

On the eighth Day of Christmas, My Beloved gave to me
Eight gifts of bounty
Seven days a-helping
Six stolen kisses
Five looks of Love
Four calling friends
Three snow strolls
Two nestling hearts
And a day free of expectations.

Life is uncertain. We have the amazing opportunity to participate in it. It’s easy when you’re planning your wedding, and celebrating your engagement, to forget how important your marriage is in the larger scheme of things. The more stable relationships societies have; the better they function (and the more stable the relationships are, so it all works out nicely!).

You’re deciding how to spend a lot of money this year as you plan your wedding. Why not consider as you look at the grand total (don’t faint, you’re spending the money you have to spend, right?) allocating some of that money to support the values on which your wedding vows and your marriage are based?

What do you believe in?
How do you spend your money?
Do you have a budget?
What proportion is for your household? What is for frivolous pursuits? What is for you? (If you have a shoe budget, you may want to have a donation budget, eh?)
What values will make this relationship strong?
How do you support their existence in the world at large?

Take some time today when you’re hanging out, even if you are hanging out in a large group, and talk about how you spend the money you spend on supporting the world and the changes you long to see take place.

Tip: Commit to sharing your wealth, because you are rich in many ways, with your community. Consider your generosity and how you want to be known as individuals and as partners. Go hear what Suze Orman has to say on the matter.

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