Wedding Planning: The Last Day of Hanukkah

Well, today is the last day of Hanukkah. While not the most important of Jewish holidays, it is a joyous one. It is also a holiday that is easy to celebrate. (and of course one that brings good foods. Who wants to celebrate a holiday where the food is bad?) Figuring out what you’re going to celebrate in your life together is an important commitment. Of course you will add holiday celebrations as you grow into your marriage, but it’s always good to have a successful start.

And so, congratulations! You’ve now had a successful start. Hanukkah at your house! With Hanukkah candles, food, restaurants, and music. Maybe you became dreidel champions and next year will have to start a cut-throat dreidel competition. Maybe you started a holiday tradition of giving money or service. Whatever you did, I hope you’ve talked about it and why you’ve done it.

So, there you are my dears. Tip: Light the candles one more time and enjoy. Pretty soon we’ll be back to hard-core wedding planning! And hopefully you’ve been practicing doing fun things together so that you can use those skills when you’re planning your wedding!

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