Wedding Planning: Count Blessings, not Coup!

Wedding planning is hard! There are 20 billion details to deal with.  You divvy up the list, you accomplish your part, your partner accomplishes his or her part and still there are details undone. It is so easy at this point in the planning to process to start holding a grudge for the infractions. This sets precedence that you don’t want anywhere near your marriage. You don’t want to spend time undoing the things you learned during the dash to the wedding.

We always tell ourselves, ah, it’s just for this time period. nope. it’s not a good thing. Why not try something else? Every day, count the reasons your partner made your life better. And then recount them for your partner. It’s heady and addictive stuff to have your partner tell you how well you pleased him or her today. You’ll want to do more. And that will get everyone what they want. A wedding that’s planned and carried through on and two lovers who know how to talk to one another!

Tip: Spend time with one another counting the reasons you are blessed for your sweethearts’ participation in your life. That’s constructive criticism that everyone wants to respond to!

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