Snow Day for Wedding Planning

Back here in PA it’s snowing. no really snowing in that mount up very quickly kinda snow. If you don’t live in central PA, pretend you do, and try today’s exercise:

First, get home safely. No, you don’t win any prizes for staying late at the office when it’s dangerous on the road. “Take good care of yourself, you belong to me!”

Now, you could be really sensible and do something constructive. And sure, why not wrap a few presents? But it’s a snow day, remember them? Bundle up, grab your lover by the hand and go outside and PLAY.

Go sledding or tobogganing. Slide around on a tray. Make snow angels. Lob a couple of SOFT snowballs. Practice laughing and kissing in the snow.

Shovel a bit if you have to. Go inside, make yesterday’s glögg and keep up the kissing practice. Light a bunch o candles. Have fun.

Tip: Tonight, walk around in your neighborhood and look at the Holiday Lights under the snow. and then have some more glögg that you were smart enough to put in the crock pot before you went out this afternoon, so it’s been steaming away scenting up the house all day. YEA! Promise to do this once a year during the holiday season!

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