On the Sixth Day of Christmas

On the Sixth Day of Christmas, my beloved gave to me
Six stolen kisses
Five looks of Love
Four calling friends
Three snow strolls
Two nestling hearts
And a day free of expectations.

So, you’re a couple, so this means 12 stolen kisses! Where are the really great places to steal a kiss in Philadelphia and its environs? (you have to let us know! There are still 6 days left for people to practice in.)

Kissing is an art form. It is not a prelude to any thing; it is the culmination. It is not an appetizer, but dessert! It is the chocolate soufflé of desserts. It is the fine wine savored not only with food but also alone.

  • Set the tone a little bit. Walk through the house alone and consider where you might kiss your beloved. Imagine kissing your beloved. Hmmm. Very nice. Now think places outside that are part of your daily journey through life.
  • Set the tenor: What kind of kisses do you want to give? If it’s going to be surprise kisses, you’ll want to vary them. Butterfly kisses, sexy ones, hand kisses, smooches. What feels right where? Does a place have a kind of kiss? Or do you want to give 6 smoochies in the same place and vary the kiss? What are you thinking?
  • Set your goals. You’ve imagined the kissing. You’ve thought about when you might try to catch your beloved off guard. Standing in front of a mirror? Sitting in front of the computer? In the coat closet? Ooh, yeah!
  • Transform your life. Kiss your partner in out of the way places today. And tomorrow and tomorrow. Who says you have to stop when Christmas ends? Let your marriage sing with unexpected kisses! (Don’t you hope the Obamas spend a lot of time kissing in the White House? My guess is a lot of those rooms could use a little expended passion to dispel some of the weight of words!)

Remember: six stolen kisses, five looks of love, four calling friends, three (no)snow strolls, two nestling hearts and a day free of expectations! Enjoy!

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