On the Fifth Day of Christmas

On the Fifth Day of Christmas, my beloved gave to me
Five looks of Love
Four calling friends
Three snow strolls
Two nestling hearts
And a day free of expectations.

One of the most important things we can do for any human being is to let them know that they are loved. Oddly enough, in our most intimate relationships, we sometimes let those loving glances slip away. Maybe it’s too intimate. Maybe we’re afraid what we’re going to stir up. Maybe we just get lazy.

But not this holiday! Today (and every day until the 12 days of Christmas end!) each of you is responsible for 5 looks of love. They can be Hot, Tender, Shy, Amazed, Delighted, Overwhelmed, Grateful, Proud, Smoldering…

Really notice your beloved. What makes him or her beautiful to you? Let that knowledge rise up in your smile. If you can, hold off acting on those looks until the evening. Keep upping the ante with sweet glances. Drive yourselves crazy for a day. It’s fun! And then who knows? Play with it any way that seems fit. And keep practicing. You don’t think this is going to be a wedding planning aid? Remembering how much you love one another makes wedding planning a joy! It does a fair amount for marriage, too!

Remember: five looks of love, four calling friends, three strolls in one day (just pleasure and walking!); two nestling hearts — A little bit of holiday cuddling time; and one more day free of expectations! Enjoy!

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