Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Tonight as you settle in for that magical wait for the sound of hoofs on roofs (yea! Santa! Track him here: www.noradSanta.org), comfortable in your plans for the rest of the holiday, know that WP is grateful to have spent the holidays with you.

Tomorrow we’ll start a new series on the 12 days of Christmas and how to give to yourself, your nearest and dearest, and to the world. Hanukkah series is ongoing and hey! Here comes Kwanza!

Light those Advent Candles and find your places on the couch. Celebrate the wonder of your incredible relationship! Remember that the Advent Candles can burn through the 12 days of Christmas. Some people add one more Candle for the baby Jesus.

If your celebration isn’t going to take all day, and you’re wondering what to do, consider volunteering at a place that serves meals or a shelter. Here’s an article to dig through an article from Vicky Hallet at the Washington Post: Pay no attention to the 12 days of Christmas workout also mentioned. Eek.

Tip: Here you are in the Advent Season, anticipating a successful marriage by building wonderful holiday traditions. Thanks for spending the season with me. Hope you decide to have a magical Christmas!

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