Your Wedding Vows: Look Your Partner in the Eye and Make Your Promises

It’s really important to spend time crafting your wedding vows. These are the promises that you will move into the future with. You need to be comfortable with those promises as you stand with your beloved before your community and offer them to one another.

If you have been working hard to make them the right promises, the side benefit is that you will be eager to offer them to your partner. You want to be able to stand up, look your partner in the eye and promise to love him or her forever. It doesn’t matter if your eyes are brimming with tears, it matters only that your partner hears how deeply you mean these promises.

I don’t mean to say that if you can’t look at your partner that you don’t mean them. I do mean to say that they mean more when you know them, believe them and are willing to share them with the person you love enough to embark on this ridiculous journey called Love.

Tip: Craft your vows based on your values and your dream of the future. Practice saying them. Look yourself in the eye in your bathroom mirror and promise everlasting love. Practice saying them to your partner. What the heck, practice keeping them. Be kind! Be tender! Be loving. Then day of, stand up at your wedding ceremony, look one another in the eye and promise everlasting love!

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