Your Wedding Vows: Honoring Your Partner

Another responsibility your wedding vows have is to establish the way you are willing to care tenderly for and live faithfully with your partner.

  • The two of you have established that you will each be the most important person in one another’s life.
  • You have promised that you will make no decisions in your life that do not take your beloved into account. From this day forward, there is no one more important to you than your partner
  • You have promised that both on a day-to-day level and a life-long level you will care tenderly and respectfully for your partner. This means that when you mess up, you will apologize and make amends.
  • You have accepted your partner’s promise to be diligent in the keeping of promises.

Tip: Establish a date with your partner when you will sit and tell one another

  • what you find admirable and wonderful about her or him.
  • how it makes you feel to be loved by them
  • what it is like to totally trust another
  • what it is like to enjoy their trust and what you will do to ensure that you keep their trust

You need something good to drink and someplace comfy to cuddle for this date. You need to look one another in the eye when you say wonderful things about one another.

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